A Unique Private Equity Firm of the South

Fire Pit Capital was formed by private equity veterans, business owners and operators and family offices to invest in small businesses located in the Southeast.


Whether you're looking to retire or diversify your risk, let FirePit Capital be your long-term partner.


We are straightforward with sufficient committed capital to consummate any acquisition we pursue. 


We keep operations in place and have a strong bias to keep management teams intact as we transition the business from the retiring owners.


About Us

We are a private equity firm with a long history of buying
and operating middle market businesses.

Backed by committed, patient capital from a number of family offices,
Fire Pit Capital was formed with permanence in mind to own durable businesses for the long haul. We are flexible in our approach and will consider creative ways to participate in any ownership transition or be the source of growth capital.

Our Approach

We abide by the Golden Rule, value our Partnerships and Empower our Management Teams.

Fire Pit Capital strives to “partner” with its investors and business owners in a way that is unique to private equity. Like gatherings in the kitchen, the fire pit is a place to share meaningful thoughts and ideas. That's the type of partnership we bring and look for.

How We're Different

We're Long-term partners

We identify durable businesses to own and hold them for the long term.

We keep the management team intact.

Unlike strategic buyers, our strong preference is to back existing management teams to run the businesses they know so well.

We have committed capital

Unlike Independent Sponsors, Fire Pit Capital has sufficient committed capital to consummate any acquisition we pursue.

our investors are involved

Unlike blind pools of capital, our investors are involved . . . in a good way.


Experience the Difference

Fire Pit Capital offers a select group of family offices a platform for direct investment. It allows private investors greater consistency of deal flow and portfolio involvement without the detachment of committing to a blind pool. We prefer to have active involvement to influence the future direction of the businesses in which we invest. Operators get the benefit of patient capital and decades of experience operating privately held businesses.