Who We Are

Keeping Southeastern Capital in the Southeast.

Fire Pit Capital was formed by private equity veterans, business owners and operators and family offices to invest in small businesses located in the Southeast. Backed by committed, patient capital from a number of family offices, Fire Pit Capital was formed with permanence in mind to own durable businesses for the long haul. We are flexible in our approach and will consider creative ways to participate in any ownership transition or be the source of growth capital.

Behind the name

Like gatherings in the kitchen,
the fire pit is a place to share comfortably meaningful thoughts, ideas and emotions.

It’s a place to agree and disagree in an honest way without being impaired by the ever-increasing societal noise. Fire Pit Capital was formed with this spirit in mind to offer a limited number of family offices and other investors the ability to collaborate openly and regularly with private equity veterans to identify and acquire private businesses located in the Southeast.

It offers a platform of direct investing and asset management without the inconsistency of finding the next interesting “deal” or the detachment of committing to a blind pool without truly knowing the asset managers or the companies acquired.


Current Portfolio

American Metal Technology of Tennessee, LLC is an industry leader in twisted tubing, tube fabrication and heat exchanger production. A privately held company located in Lewisburg, Tennessee, Amtech TN has grown in product diversity and market share over the last 10 years and supplies products to major multi-national companies throughout the world.

Prior Transactions


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