Who We Work With

We partner with Owners, Intermediaries, and Operators in the Manufacturing, Logistics, Distribution, Industrial or Basic Services Sectors.


Why wait to retire?

As an owner and operator, you are the foremost expert of your business. We'll be long-term partners helping you transition the business to the next management team giving you the freedom to enjoy the retirement of your dreams.



Make it a win, win.

We don't play games and are straightforward. Having acquired and operated many businesses, we know what it takes to get the job done, and we have committed capital to ensure the deal gets closed.


We're with you for the long-haul.

We like to partner with management teams already established in the industry who are looking to acquire a business from the existing owners.

How We're Different

We're Long-term partners

We identify durable businesses to own and hold them for the long term.

We keep the management team intact.

Unlike strategic buyers, our strong preference is to back existing management teams to run the businesses they know so well.

We have committed capital

Unlike Independent Sponsors, Fire Pit Capital has sufficient committed capital to consummate any acquisition we pursue.

our investors are involved

Unlike blind pools of capital, our investors are involved . . . in a good way.

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